Database Compatibility Test

TestDataCompatibilityDialog, fmPreferences

To find out if Store Manager will work with your store you can perform a Database Compatibility check (Tools menu).

Database compatibility test

Your store DB will be compared with the standard Zen Cart one and the results will be shown in a dialog window. You'll be able to see are there any critical errors or warnings. Also by clicking Advanced button you'll see a

standard Zen Cart Database to have a better understanding of why the warnings appeared.

To set this process automatically in the beginning of the work with Store Manager you can by helping with the appropriate field in the Advanced Database Settings section of Preferences.

Run Test Database Compability automatically

This compatibility check also may be useful for you if you wish to install some third-party solutions on your store, but aren't sure will they work.

The warnings you may see are more for advanced users and developers. Please disregard those if you didn't see any errors.

Testing without errors

If you are getting errors please check the database fields and fix this error if possible (and you know how to do this).

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