Products with Attributes Stock

Products with Attributes Stock section allows a store owner to set a stock value for each variant of a product. For example, if you have three sizes, large, medium and small, this module will allow you to keep track of all the different quantities. It will work for a virtually unlimited number of amount of attribute combinations. For example, if you offered cotton or polyester shirts in green, red or blue and small medium or large sizes, this add-on would allow you to enter and maintain a separate stock level for each of the 18 possible combinations.

In order to Manage attributes Stock level:

Click on edit button . You'll see the manage attributes stock window.

Here you can see the list of options and the count of values in specific option. I.e. now we can see one option called "Version" and it has 2 values.

Check/Uncheck all options you want to enable/disable.

In order to edit options values, highlight the option you need and press "Continue".

You'll see the list of all possible variants. Set the value for each option here and press Redefine Attributes button to apply changes and to return to the list of options.

Click 'OK' button to save this entry, or click on 'Cancel' button to discard it.

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