fmLinkEditDlg - Links Managing

A link is a physical or a logical connection between two points. Store Manager for Zen Cart liks section is a selectable connection from Store Manager to any website you wish. You may use them to get an easy and fast access to your store, your store admin section, your supplier, manufacturer site, eMagicOne support, Store Manager documentation, your license account or any other resource.

So Links section is created to make your work more comfortable and allows you to browse any information you need instantly.

Store Manager allows you to Add, Edit, or Delete links using appropriate drop-down.

To Add or Edit link just follow few steps:

1. Right-click on any link or in the area between links to see corresponding options.

2. When you Add a link you'll see empty Edit Link window, specify any title and URL you wish. Or change your data if you edit one.

3. Click Ok button to save this entry and to add this link, or click on cancel button to discard this entry.

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