2. Edit Customer

fmEditCustomer - Edit Customer Form

Most frequently used option at the Customers section is Edit Customer. You can call Edit Customer dialog window by double-clicking on the customer's' record or pressing a corresponding icon on the toolbar/context menu. Edit Customer dialog window consists of the following pages:

  1. General

This page displays required and most important information about the customer: First and Last Name, Gender, Date of birth, e-mail, Phone and Fax numbers, and store account access password. Also you can enable/disable Newsletter option for e-mail notification about any news on the store.

2. Company/Address

Page displays Address Book Data, such as customer's Name, Company Name, Shipping and/or Billing Address.

3. Other

All information on this page is generated automatically to inform you about the time when account was created, last time it was modified, how many times the customer logged on to your store and when was the last log on time. Also you can enable/disable Global Product Notification option (for e-mail notification about any price changes) on this page.

4. Extra fields

The availability and appearance of this page depends on the contributions which you have installed at your store. It won't be shown if there are no any contributions.

Otherwise, it will look like a two-column table, listing parameters and their values.