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Don't forget to make special offers to your customers. Special offers attract your customers to the list of products you want to sell. Provide a series of exclusive offers on existing products to increase your sales. Add your products to the list of special items using Store Manager for Zen Cart with one mouse click.

On Special products page you can configure appearance of a product in the list of special items.

Special products section

To perform basic operations with Zen Cart Special Products list you can use the appropriate toolbar:


Or use any of Special Products context menu:

You can perform such basic operations with Zen Cart Special products as:

Add Special product - standard Search products form appears.

If you type a few letters of Product's name or model in "Text to Search" field, the Manager will show you a list of products that match your request. You may wish to specify a smaller number of rows to display results, which speeds up the search. Unless the product you're looking for is listed in the search results, please specify greater number of rows and Click Force Refresh button. If you double-click on any product in the search results, it'll be added to Specials list.

Please note that products cannot be opened here for editing. If you wish to edit any specific product, go to Catalog -> Categories & Products section.

"Refresh" data button forces Specials list update. It is useful when you're changing connection or have any doubts like is the latest data displayed.

Resfresh button in top toolbar

By clicking on delete button you'll remove selected product from the Specials list only, not from the database.

Delete button
Adjust and auto resize column widths

To Adjust columns width use Autosize icon.

Product will be displayed at your store as Special only when Special Status checkbox is checked. You can select which products from the list you'd like to be featured at this moment by a check-mark in Special Status or using [Check Selection]/[Uncheck Selection] icons.

Check/uncheck selection

Price field shows regular product price.

Regular price column

New price - the price for a product when it's featured at your Zen Cart store as Special (special price).

Special price column

Expires Date - after this date Featured status will not be valid. You can set date when you'd like to stop displaying this product as featured. If the Featured Status box is unchecked, expiration date doesn't matter - the product is already not listed.

Expires date column

Date added - when the product was added to featured list.

Last modified - the date you made last changes in this product status.

Dare added / Last Modifieed columns

Date status change - automatically shows time when Special status was changed (you can see it current meaning in the box right under Date Status Change option). Please note that even if you manually set this date, it doesn't change product status.

Last Status changed