5. Order Status

fmSelOrderStatusDlg, fmSetOrdersStatusColors - Changing Order Status

You can find the status of the current order listed at the bottom of the page at the right section. They are listed in chronological order, first status change is placed first.

You can also add some comments to each Zen Cart Order status and see if the customer was notified about the order status change.

Finally you can update statuses using Orders' context menu or using keyboard hot-keys as Ctrl+Alt+S:

Update Order Status

Order status window allows you to select status you need from the drop-down list.

You can enable the email notification to those customers order status has been changed.

If you check the field about order cancellation - the present order status are canceled and the availability of products will be recalculated.

Press 'OK' to update existing data.

To improve of orders data visual perception you can also set for each available order status the appropriate color (background).

For example we have the following orders' statuses:

Orders statuses

Hit the button on the top toolbar and choose from the color palette the necessary tones.

Orders statuses colors pallete

Click on the 'OK' button to keep innovation.

Now order's page will look like:

Orders statuses colored