5. Email Templates

fmEmailTemplates, fmEditEmailTemplate, fmHTMLEditor - Email Templates Section

With the help of this section you can create regular email contents and use them when changing order status.

You can add, clone or delete templates. You can edit, apply changes or cancel changes, attach files, insert macro and preview your template.

So, you can perform such basic operations as:

Refresh button
  1. Refresh data option forces list of templates to update. It is useful when you're changing connection or have any doubts e.g. whether were the latest data displayed or not.
Add Template

2. Add template calls blank email template properties form, which is used to create a new template. See below for more options.

3. To edit template, just double click on it to see properties of your email template.

4. To clone template, use the corresponding button.

Delete template

5. You can delete selected template from your store . Pay attention that you won't be able to undo this action, unless you've made d-base backup.

Preview email

6. Preview Email - allows you to preview your e-mail, except macros (which may be shown incorrectly here, you'll be able to check them before they will be sent).

Test email

7. Test Email - also you can send a test e-mail to check if everything is well done.

Add Email Template

In order to add template follow a few steps listed below:

  1. Click add template button, it calls blank email template properties form, which is used to create a new template.
Add template form

Specify any name and description. It's better to use names and descriptions that brings you some information about this template.

Click 'OK' to save this entry and to add content, or click cancel to discard this entry.

Specify your template content:

      • From - Specify your e-mail.
      • Subject - Specify e-mail subject.
      • Text Area - Add e-mail content. You can use one of available default templates.
      • Preview for and Preview - You can preview your e-mail to see the result.
      • Insert Macro - Macro allows you to insert data from your database (for example [customers_firstname] field) to automate routine tasks. You won't need to go over each order and to edit the text, you can use predefined templates.
      • Edit as HTML button calls HTML editor window of category description.
Edit as HTML
  • It has 2 tabs: HTML and Code, and Properties Toolbar. Source preview is useful if you are working directly with "raw" HTML text, which gives you precise control over the tags used at the page. However, by default, you can still work with objects visually.

2. Attach images if you use any. Use Add button and browse image on your local PC to add one.

Add attachment button

If you use HTML Editor to add images, they will be added as attachments automatically.

Click 'Apply Changes' to save this entry, or click 'Cancel' to discard it .

Apply changes

Now you can send an e-mail using this template, while changing order status.

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