Locations & Taxes

fmLocationTaxes, fmCurrencies - Locations, Taxes and Currencies Sections

This section allows you to manage Zen Cart Tax rates, Countries, Tax Zones, Currencies in one place, so you will save your time.

Locations & Taxes

This section is divided into a few Tabs. Each of them is a table with a standard set of management tools that allow you to add, edit or delete data. The consecution of these tabs was based on logical steps to reach the goal of creating the proper Taxation at your store.

Countries Tab lists the Countries, their ISO codes and the Address standard used in this country. Then you can go to the Zones tab to divide some countries into zones if needed.

Tax Zones can include multiple countries and/or country zones. In Tax Rates tab you can specify the tax rates for some Tax Zone and Tax Class combination. Please note, that Tax Zone and Tax Class can only be selected from currently available ones.


In this section you can find a table that lists all the currencies that are used in your store. Here you can select Default Currency and specify the reference (price modification) rate.

Store manager allows you to update the rates automatically, using European Central Bank data. Its reference rates are based on the regular daily concertation procedure between central banks within and outside the European System of Central Banks. These rates are available through Exchange Reference Rates tab of the Currencies section.