2. Products Management

fmProducts , SelCategoryProductsDlg - Products and Attributes Sections.

Store Manager makes Zen Cart Product management very simple. You have all the necessary tools for adding products and you have no limits of their number, number of their categories and subcategories.

Store Manager for Zen Cart allows you to specify products names, add new products, add new product images, remove unwanted ones and adjust the products Attributes. You can preview and manage your all the products' information at the Products section (1), change images at Product images section (2) and cope with selected product attributes at the Product attributes section (3).

The following topics of Zen Cart product management are covered:

Products Section

To perform the basic operations you can use Products toolbar (1) or context menu (2).

Products toolbar

From the toolbar and the context menu, you can perform the following basic operations:

Refresh button

Refresh data forces list of products to update. It is useful when you're changing connection or have any doubts e.g. whether the latest data were displayed or not.

Add Product

Add new product calls blank Edit Product form, which is used to create a new product. The description of "Edit Product" dialog pages see below.

Edit Product

To edit product you can double click on it or use "Edit product" button. It calls Edit Product form for product you've selected. Please check below for options.

Remove from current Category

You can Remove Product from Current Category or Delete Selected Product from your store . Pay attention that you won't be able to undo this action.

Delete Product

You can Clear selected product(s) Attributes from one or several products simultaneously. In order to perform it you have to confirm this operation.

Clear selected attributes

You can use Mass Product Changer option to modify some options for several products at once. For more information on this issue, please, see Mass Product Changer chapter.

Mass product changer
Adjust columns width

7. To Adjust columns width use icons.

You can Export products to EXCEL or HTML and view product Page using corresponding options.

Export product grid

To associate the appropriate products with the particular categories use the option for assignment in the top toolbar:

Assign Categories option

Product Attributes Section

Expand/collapse columns width

Attributes tab in the lower grid of the Products page displays the attribute products list and allows to add the new attributes positions or edit the selected ones.

Attributes section in the lower grid

Use the toolbar to perform the following actions :

Attributes toolbar

- add new attribute option

Fill the form below :

Edit Attributes form

Specify the option's name and value - use the 'Ctrl+Enter' keyboard shortcut to select the one position you need from the existing list or the 'Insert' key to indicate your own name and value;

- specify the price, assign the image (locally or from external source) and other information.

Attribute's option name

Press 'Add new' to create the new attribute position and stay in the form or 'OK' to add the new one and exit from the edit form.

- edit selected attribute position

Edit attribute data

Change the data in the edit form, which appears and press 'OK' to apply your entries.

To be able to modify or change the attributes with the assigned options at once - use the Attribute Editor - you will see the extended edit form where by scrolling up and down the list you have an opportunity to add and change the additional details to the specified attribute positions.

Attributes Editor

Assign the image from the local media gallery or from the external source by using the URL path in the appropriate column of the particular edit form.

Assign image in the Attributes Editor form

- to copy/paste attribute and its data use the following options from the toolbar.

Copy/paste attributes data

- to expand/collapse columns width press the option in the top:

Expand / Collapse Attributes

- for automatic adjustment columns width choose the corresponding button in the attributes toolbar:

Automated clolumns width

- if the 'Autoexpand' option is checked - the columns in the Attributes section will be extended automatically:


- to adjust columns width use the following button:

Adjust columns width

For placement attributes data separately in a file, use the Export Grid option and choose the appropriate file's format from a drop-down list:

Export Grid option