Store Diagnostics


Store Diagnostics section of Store Manager consists of two sections - product images and FTP images- run diagnostics for media files from your store - the results will display in the table below.

Store Diagnostics

Product images diagnostics

Here you can see the Product Id, Product Name, Product Model columns and column with specified image path.

Product images diagnostics
Run images diagnostics

In order to see result data you should press 'Run images diagnostics' option in the main toolbar of this section - .

Edit product

To get to the appropriate product edit form click on the 'Edit Product' button - - and change/add details you need.

Edit Product image

You can edit media file of selected product by clicking on the corresponding button from the main toolbar - .

In the form for editing specify the following data:

- you can choose image file locally or from external source by using the browse button opposite the selection image field.

Select imge field

- image sub-directory - the place where an illustration will be upload on the FTP after specifying.

Image sub-directory field in Edit Image form

- set resize rule or create the new rule of re-sizing with own parameters:

Image resize rule form
Clear results

To clear results form press the appropriate button in the toolbar - .

Export to Excel

You can save result data to a separate file of .xls format when you press 'Export to Excel' option and specify the file name - .

Two check-boxes allow to filter data in the result table:

Show checkboxes

- show images that are not specified to any product of your store. You can see them as green-colored in the list:

Images which are not specified to any products

- show media files which are missing and not displayable in the store. Such positions are colored in red:

Image which not assigned to any item

FTP Images Diagnostics section helps you display in the result table the all unused media files which are already placed on your FTP server.

FTP images diagnostics
Delete selected images

If you check some or all of them and press 'Delete Selected Images' button - these items will be erased from the FTP server and your result list as well.

FTP Images diagnostics - Delete option