6. SaleMaker

fmSaleMaker, fmEditSaleMakerItem - SaleMaker Section

Zen Cart uses the concept of a sale to apply discounts to an entire store catalog or to certain product categories. Unlike products marked as Special and products with quantity discounts, Zen Cart does not display the discounted products with other visual cues other than showing the discounted price in red.

SaleMaker allows you to edit product pricing by category.

In order to Add/Edit a sale:

  1. Click on add or edit button .
Sale Maker

You'll see edit salemaker entry window.

In order to activate SaleMaker enable the corresponding check-box.

Last status modified - option is for internal use only.

Sale name - specify the name of discount.

Deduction - specify value.

Select how you want your new discounted price to be derived from the Type field - Deduct amount, Percent or New price.

If you want discounts to be applied only to products within a certain price range, enter your desired values in the Products Pricerange (from) and To fields.

If your product is added to the list of Special items, you can decide how your new sale price will be affected by choosing a value from the If a product is a Special field.

You can: Ignore specials price, Ignore sale condition, or Apply sale deduction.

Specify Start Date and End Date. If you do not want your sale to expire, leave the End Date field empty.

Set date added and last modified - for internal use only.

Choose whether you want your discount to be applied to the entire catalog or only to selected categories by checking the relevant check-boxes. If you check both the Entire catalog field and any other categories, the sale will still be applied to the entire catalog!

Click 'OK' button to save this entry, or click on cancel button to discard it.

Refresh your screen to see changes. Note that your sale will only be active if the Status checkbox is enabled.

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