Add-ons and Contributions

Add-ons and Contributions

Addons were designed to automate and improve typical tasks/operations made by store owners or managers. There are no files to download and update like it used to be before, everything required for extended functionality already exists in main application. If plugin is not registered, it'll work in DEMO mode - you can do everything with it, but you will not be able to post actual changes to your database. In order to unlock its functionality you have to purchase appropriate license and register extension. Add-on should be registered in the same way as software - using first name and last name. See Store Manager support regarding registration and possible problems. You can reset addon license in the same way as main software license.

Just open "Preferences" and activate "Addons" page to see add-on information.

Column description:

  1. Addon Name - addon name
  2. Status - a status of your addon:
    • Unregistered - extension working in DEMO mode
    • Registered - addon is registered and fully functional
    • Verifying - software checking registration information
  3. Info - short addon description

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