3. Manage Order Details

fmFastProductsSearch, fmSelOrdersAttributes - Order Details Managing

Here you can manage the list of products of the selected order, discount, shipping and Taxes information.

At the bottom you can see order totals section that shows you subtotal, discount, tax and total values.

Add New Product

In order to add new product to the order:

  1. Click on 'Add product' button.
Add product to order

2. You'll see a standard Search products form.

- If you type a few letters of Product's name or model in "Text to Search" field, the Manager will show you a list of products that match your request. You may specify a smaller number of rows to display results, which speeds up the search. Unless the product you're looking for is listed in the search results, please specify greater number of rows and Click on 'Force Refresh' button.

- If you double-click on any product in the search results, it'll be added to your order.

Delete Product

To remove a product from the order just select it and press "Delete" button.

Manage Product Attributes

Order Products area

An attribute is basically a specific value of some product option, so by changing product attribute you're changing an ordered product.

To Edit product Attributes:

Edit Attributes button
  1. Click on Edit Attributes button . Product Attributes window appears.

2. Check specific attributes, which you want to be applied to this product (or uncheck the wrong ones). Attributes cannot be edited in this window, since all the possible combinations are already listed.

Attributes of each product can also be viewed and accessed from the product list itself.

3. Click 'OK' button to save this entry, or click on cancel button to discard this entry.

Manage Zen Cart Order Details

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