3. Customers & Orders Management

fmOrders, fmOrderEdit, fmEditCustomer - Orders Section

Store Manager for Zen Cart provides the total order management, order export, order import, and order solution for your business. You get - detailed Zen Cart orders managing, orders' sorting using various filters, Order status types managing, importing and exporting orders, maintaining order products, calculating discounts, shipping and payment methods. It goes without saying that you can print order details, invoices, packing slip - and everything in high gear.

Orders management with Store Manager for Zen Cart is very simple.

Orders section details

Orders Section (1) displays all the necessary information in general view. You can set filters and preview particular orders with the help of the filter by "Period" or filter by "Products" Sections (2), but don't forget to Apply filters to see the result. Also you have "Manage orders Products" (3) and "Order statuses" (4) sections that give you all the necessary order calculations and status comments.

This section of the Store Manager deals with all information about Zen Cart orders and customers details.

To perform basic operations like add, edit, delete orders you can use Orders toolbar (1) or context menu (2).

Orders main toolbar

You can perform the following basic operations:

Create new order

1. "Add new order" calls blank Edit Customer form, which is used to create a new product.

Edit order

2. To edit order you can double-click on it or use "Edit order" button . It calls Edit Order form for the order you've selected. Please check below for options.

Delete order

3. You can "Delete Order" from your store . You won't be able to undo this action, unless you've made a Database backup.

Refresh button

4. "Refresh data" forces list of orders to update. It is useful when you're changing connection or have any doubts e.g. whether the latest data were displayed or not.

Add customer

5. "Add customer" calls blank Edit Customer form, which is used to create a new customer (for options see Edit Customers dialog pages paragraph).

Adjust column width

6. Adjust all columns width use Authorize icon.

7. E-mail your customers using an appropriate button:

Send email

It allows you to compose only text e-mail message (non-HTML) to be sent to a customer.

8. To transfer order details to a separate file use the 'Export Grid' option and choose the file format from the drop-down list:

Export Grid option