2. Additional Reports

fmAdditionalReports - Additional Reports Section

To access the list of Additional Reports, select Reports -> Additional Reports using Main Menu or left-side bar. These reports are very similar to General ones in their appearance and modification. The reason why they are displayed in a separate sections is that they are not included in a standard Shopping Cart installation.

Additional Reports

You can choose to get any of the following Additional Reports:

  • Sales Report,
  • Worst Sellers and
  • Customers who did not buy anything.

Sales Report

You can generate your Sales report in the specified period of time, to make your sales analysis more effective. This report shows you the list of items, some additional products info and general totals. At the top of this report you'll see the time period, total sales products, price, shipping cost and tax totals. The body of this report includes product names, models, Manufacturers, their price, quantity, number of viewing (overviews) and the number of items sold.

Sales Report view

Worst Sellers

Worst Sellers report is very similar to the Best Sellers report, but products are listed in the opposite order. So the the most popular products among your customers will be listed at the bottom, and vice versa.

Worst Sellers example

Customers who did not buy anything

You can generate this report in the specified period of time. It shows you the list of customers that haven't bought anything at your store yet, but were registered there. This report is useful to see the list of customers who are still hesitating. They are your potential customers/target group and you should encourage them to push up your sales.

Customers who did not buy anything